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Overview of study characteristics of the meta-analysis (two group pretest posttest design)

Study Year Patients Experimental group Control group Outcomes Duration/total treatmentsession/total treatment time Studyquality
Islam et al. [33] 2013 Headache DNF + conventional exercise Conventional exercise (moist heat, manual traction, passive stretching) VAS, HDI 3 weeks/9/15 minutes 7
Park et al. [37] 2017 Headache DNF + cervical stretching Cervical stretching CVA 3 weeks/NA/NA 7
Park and Yoon [35] 2019 Headache DNF Cervical stretching SCM activation, Neck X-ray angle 4 weeks/NA/NA 7
Nambi et al. [34] 2014 Headache DNF Mobilization exercise VAS, HDI 4 weeks/40/66 minutes 6
Park et al. [36] 2019 Headache DNF + transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) DNF NDI, SCM activation 4 weeks/NA/NA 7
Kang and Yang [31] 2019 FHP Modified chin tuck exercise DNF CVA, strength, endurance 6 weeks/24/960 minutes 7
Kim et al. [32] 2017 FHP shoulder stabilization exercise DNF CVA, Neck X-ray angle, NDI 8 weeks/24/222 minutes 9
Kim and Kwag [29] 2016 Neck pain DNF General strengthening exercise CROM, NDK, NRS, Neck X-ray angle 4 weeks/12/30 minutes 4
Gallego Izquierdo et al.[28] 2016 Neck pain Cervical proprioception training DNF NDI 8 weeks/112/2,240 minutes 13
Chung et al. [27] 2012 Neck pain DNF Cervical proprioception training NDI, LCM CSA, Neck X-ray angle 8 weeks/24/720 minutes 8
Chung and Jeong [26] 2018 Neck pain DNF Neck isometric exercise NDI, Neck X-ray angle, VAS, endurance, CROM 8 weeks/24/792 minutes 13
Javanshir et al. [30] 2015 Neck pain DNF Cervical flexion exercise NRS, NDI, SCM thickness, LCM CSA 10 weeks/30/900 minutes 12
Ghaderi et al. [25] 2017 Neck pain DNF Progressive resistive exercise VAS, NDI, endurance 10 weeks/30/1,350 minutes 8
Kim [24] 2013 Neck pain DNF No exercise NDI 6 weeks/18/43.5 minutes 8
Karthi et al. [20] 2019 Neck pain DNF Chin tuck exercise NRS, CROM, NDI 2 weeks/NA/NA 6
Mohamed et al. [19] 2019 Neck pain DNF Thermal agent + Therapeutic ultrasound NDI, VAS, endurance 4 weeks/12/108 minutes 8
O’Leary et al. [5] 2012 Neck pain DNF Isometric craniocervical flexor strength and endurance CROM, strength, endurance, NDI, VAS 10 weeks/140/233 minutes 11
Lee [21] 2020 Neck pain DNF SNAGs (sustained natural apophyseal glides) NDI 4 weeks/8/160 minutes 9
Kim and Lee [39] 2016 Headache + Neck pain DNF Stretching group CVA, HDI 4 weeks/NA/NA 9
Cho et al. [13] 2019 FHP + neck pain DNF Upper cervical and upper thoracic spine mobilization CVA, NRS 4 weeks/10/100 minutes 11
Deepa et al. [22] 2014 Neck pain DNF + Maitland thoracic mobilisation DNF CROM, NDI, NRS 4 weeks/NA/NA 7

DNF, deep neck flexion; FHP, forward head posture; CROM, cervical range of motion; NDI, neck disability index; NRS, numeric rating scale; CVA, craniovertebral angle; HDI, headache disability index; VAS, visual analog scale; LCM, longus colli muscle; CSA, cross sectional area; NA, not applicable.

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