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Overview of study characteristics of the meta-analysis (one group pretest posttest design)

Study Year Patients Intervention Outcomes Duration/total treatmentsession/total treatment time Study quality
Kim and HwangBo [23] 2019 Neck pain DNF VAS, CVA 8 weeks/24/1,200 minutes 8
Lluch et al. [18] 2013 Neck pain DNF NDI 6 weeks/84/840 minutes 8
Karthikeyan et al. [38] 2017 Neck pain + FHP DNF CVA, NDI, NRS 5 weeks/25/750 minutes 6

DNF, deep neck flexion; FHP, forward head posture; VAS, visual analog scale; CVA, craniovertebral angle; NDI, neck disability index; NRS, numeric rating scale.

Phys. Ther. Korea 2021;28:18~26
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