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Effect of exercise on fall and fracture incidence

Articles Class of evidence Interventions Outcomes Improve
Campbell et al., 1997 [44] 1 Home based exercise Fall incidence Yes
Duque et al., 2013 [45] 1 Balance exercise using Virtual Reality Fall incidence Yes
Li et al., 2018 [29] 1 Visual feedback-based force platform trainingwith functional electrical stimulation 1. Fall incidence2. Fracture incidence 1. Yes2. Yes
Sihvonen et al., 2004 [39] 1 Biofeedback balance training Fall incidence Yes
Swanenburg et al., 2007 [46] 1 Exercise with calcium and vitamin supplement Fall incidence Yes
van Ooijen et al., 2016 [18] 1 Treadmill training with projected visual context Fall incidence No
Sherrington et al., 2020 [36] 1 RESTORE intervention Fall incidence No
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