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Experimental studies investigating Cyriax’s or Kantenborn’s capsular patterns

Authors Year Samples Joints Results
Bijl et al. [16] 1998 200 Hip, Knee No capsular pattern was found in patients with osteoarthritis
Fritz et al. [25] 1998 152 Knee It was only valid in ratios (extension loss/flexion loss) ranging from 0.3 to 05
Greenwood et al. [31] 1998 5 Hip The capsular pattern was useful for differentiating hip pathology
Hayes et al. [17] 1994 79 Knee The use of the capsular pattern as an indicator of osteoarthritis was questionable
Klässbo et al. [18] 2003 168 Hip Only few individuals with osteoarthritis showed Cyriax’s and Kaltenborn’s capsular pattern
Pellecchia et al. [27] 1996 19 Shoulder The intertester reliability was high, but examiners had to choose one of the two conditions; limited or full range, painful or painless, and weak or strong
Rundquist and Ludewig [19] 2004 25 Shoulder Individuals with idiopathic loss of shoulder range of motion did not show Cyriax’s capsular pattern
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