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Item interpretation of KIDSCREEN-10 questionnaire

Items Interpretation
Item 1 Physical well-being The level of the child’s physical activity, energy, and fitness such as ability to get around the home and school
Item 2 Psychological well-being The level of the child’s positive emotions and satisfaction with life experienced by the individual such as happiness, joy, and cheerfulness
Item 3 Mood/emotions How much the child experiences depressive moods/emotions and stressful feelings such as loneliness, sadness, sufficiency/insufficiency, and resignation
Item 4 Self-perception How secure and satisfied the child feels about him/herself as well as appearance reflecting how positively others value him/her
Item 5 Autonomy The level of the opportunity given to a child to create social and leisure time referring to the child’s freedom of choice, self-sufficiency, and independence
Item 6 Home life This attribute examines whether the atmosphere at home is comfortable or not
Item 7 Parent relation This specifies the relationship between the parents and the atmosphere in the child’s home
Item 8 Peers/social support This examines the nature of the child’s relationships with other children or peer groups exploring the quality of the interaction between the child and peers
Item 9 School environment How secure and satisfied the child’s feeling about the environment the child belonged
Item 10 Concentration/learning How secure and satisfied the ability to concentrate for learning
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