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Application of left right judgement test

Study Subject Evaluation Part of
Harms et al. [10] Knee OA Yes Yes (BT)
Lundquist and Nielsen [11] Stroke Yes No (MT)
Ding et al. [63,64] Stroke Yes No (MVF)
Strauss et al. [65] CRPS Yes Yes (GMI)
Johnson et al. [66] CRPS Yes Yes (GMI)
Bean et al. [67] CRPS Yes Yes (GMI)
Meugnot et al. [68] Healthy Yes No (MIP)

OA, osteoarthritis; BT, brain-targeted treatment; MT, mirror therapy; GMI, graded motor imagery; MVF; mirror visual feedback; CRPS, chronic regional pain syndrome; MIP, motor imagery practice.

Phys. Ther. Korea 2021;28:235~244
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