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Extracted ICF-CY codes linked to the GMFM-66

List of codes Category names
d4100 Lying down
d4101 Squatting
d4103 Sitting
d4104 Standing
d4105 Bending
d4106 Shifting the body’s center of gravity
d4107 Rolling over
d4150 Maintaining a lying position
d4153 Maintaining a sitting position
d4154 Maintaining a standing position
d4155 Maintaining head position
d4200 Transferring oneself while sitting
d4351 Kicking
d4500 Walking short distances
d4502 Walking on different surfaces
d4550 Crawling
d4551 Climbing
d4552 Running
d4553 Jumping

ICF-CY, The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health-Child and Youth version; GMFM-66, Gross Motor Function Measure-66.

Phys. Ther. Korea 2021;28:245~250
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